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Shipping FAQ 

Q: When will my cheesecake be shipped

A: Your cheesecake will ship on the next available ship day. We ship Monday and Tuesday. 


Example: You place your order on Wednesday. The next available shipping day for this package would be Monday. We can not ship over the weekend because of the perishable nature of our product.


Once you place your order, you will receive an email confirming your order. When your order ships we will send you an additional email with the tracking number for your shipment.



Q: How long do your cheesecakes last?

A: Our cheesecakes are good when tightly wrapped for up to 6 months frozen and 10 days in a standard refrigerator.


Q: What method of shipping do you use?

A: We use UPS for our shipping and will arrive within 48 to 72 hours.


Q: Can I place an order to be received on Monday?

A: No, we cannot initiate shipments on the weekend. We ship Monday and Tuesday.


Q: Can I place an order to be delivered on Saturday or Sunday?

A: Saturday delivery is only available in Next Day Air service and also require additional charges. Saturday delivery may not be available in some rural or remote areas. Sorry, we cannot ship cheesecakes to arrive on Sunday or Monday.


Q: What if the recipient is not home at the time of delivery?

A: You are responsible for the accuracy of the shipping address information and to make sure that someone is available to accept the delivery. We do not require a signature at the time of delivery. If no one is available to accept delivery it will be left by the delivery driver in a safe location so that you may collect it upon your return home.

Please make sure the ship-to address is complete: all suites numbers, and contact phone number included. Incorrect or incomplete addresses, therefore resulting in late delivery or held up at a UPS location will be the responsibility of the purchaser, not Kaitlynn’s.


We recommend that if you are shipping as a gift, contact the recipient to notify them of a perishable item coming their way. We do mark our boxes Perishable. We have a release with UPS to leave the box on the porch. If UPS finds the location dangerous they will not deliver. In that case, the box will be returned to the UPS station and a 2nd delivery will be attempted the following day. The product will not be good. Kaitlynn’s is not liable for non-delivery because of these circumstances.

  • A customer has not provided us the correct address and or no recipient telephone number.

  • A customer does not follow the detailed handling instructions enclosed with the shipment.

  • A customer is out of town when our cake (if a gift - call to confirm they will be home to accept)

  • An Act of God occurs; defined as—extreme weather conditions, mechanical error, uncontrolled circumstances that make UPS unable to deliver on time. Please note UPS has a 2-week window of NO MONEY BACK for any reason. This occurs the 2 weeks prior to Christmas. If the package is shipped and delivered late we do not refund. If the product is delivered late and damaged, we do not refund. Most of the time all are delivered and all is good but there are those circumstances.


Q: Can I place an order to be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii?

A: No, unfortunately, we cannot ship our cheesecakes to Alaska or Hawaii


Q: How long do your cheesecakes stay fresh?

A: Our cheesecakes are good for 10 days refrigerated and 6 months frozen (after delivery).


Q: May I refreeze the cheesecake

A: Yes, Kaitlynn’s cheesecakes are designed to be frozen and refrozen. Simply rewrap the cake in plastic wrap and freeze.


Q: May I have a cheesecake shipped to a P.O. box

A: No, FedEx only delivers to physical addresses.


Q: If I order more than one cheesecake, can they be packed in the same container to reduce shipping costs?

A: No, our cheesecakes must be shipped singly in our custom-designed EPS packaging. Shipping rates are calculated according to size and weight.


Q: What does Kaitlynn’s do with my information?

A: Kaitlynn’s keeps contact information of customers for our use only. We do not sell or give out customer information to outside companies. Our customers might receive updates from Kaitlynn’s through mail or email, but all information will be kept in-house. 


What to do when you receive your cheesecake:

Inspect your Kaitlynn’s cheesecake as soon as you receive it. Put it in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as you take it out of the shipping container.

Here at Kaitlynn’s, we want more than anything for you to love your cake! If you have a problem, please call us immediately at 660-548-3600, or email us. Many times a small imperfection can be corrected with a conversation. Send an image for us to analyze; that way we can help you make any corrections.


Also, UPS does their best to deliver our cheesecakes on time, but the cross-country journey may have some bumps in the road! We spend a lot of time packing our cakes just right to weather those bumps.


We thrive on happy customers! If you should feel otherwise, please tell us so that we can do right by you? Please email your comments. We would like to know when we are doing things right, and if we slip, we need to know that as well!


Thank you for your business!


Deli & Ice Cream Shop

121 E Broadway St Brunswick, MO 65236

Phone: 660-548-3600


Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm

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